About Me

Andreas Fauler

epineo means "heading for something new". For me that means leveraging innovation for good, learning something new everyday and embracing diversity of thought and the unknown. This is only possible if you know your true north and if you are grounded in values, beliefs and truths that persist change. In addition it means leaving your comfort zone constantly. Courage and an understanding of the associated risks and their active management is a needed prerequiste in that context. I believe all of this to be the ultimate formula for success in our world of constant and accelerating change. I invite you to join me on an adventurous journey.


I am in sales for more than 20 years. My first job was at the Tivoli Business Unit at IBM shortly after the acquisition of Tivoli by IBM. In addition I gathered turnaround experience at Novell. For about 7 years I was working in a hypergrowth application software and cloud setup at SuccessFactors and SAP and later as a Sales Director at the German AI-Scale-Up arago. During these engagements I was winning some of the earliest cloud and biggest strategic deals in Europe and Worldwide. Working with and learning from some of the best sales and business personalities in these organizations has been a privilege and pleasure for me. It allowed me to become one of the most constant high performers in all of these setups.


I am a practitioner of challenger sales, value-based selling, compete selling, MEDDPICC and category creation and am scientifically interested in any sales methodology.


During my career I have been leading large scale systemic change engagements and have been actively mentoring and coaching early talents. I am keen on advising high potential sales talents and early stage start-ups in the B2B software, cloud and web3 space. I am especially interested in AI, data, blockchain, education and HR projects/start-ups.


In addition I have access to an A-Player sales network that I can bring to action for promising early talents and start-ups.


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